Custom Grey suit

*Zegna* Custom Grey Suit

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Fabric detail:

  • 100% Wool -- Zegna
  • Super 140s
  • 260g/m
  • Fabric Imported from Italy



This will be custom-made to fit your body, and is guaranteed to fit.

We require a few measurements before checkout, a stylist takes your measurements in one of our showrooms.

Please make an appointment with us for the custom tailored clothing by email or phone before paid---

Our Stylists will go over fabrics, measurements and customization and help you get the custom clothing. Start your creation by choosing your fabric and detail options -- from collar to cuffs, pockets, monograms and buttons, you will make it your own. No extra fee and hidden cost for all detail options. In case any of your clothes need further adjustments we offer complimentary alterations.

You may pay your order online — click the button “Add to cart” after get measured. You may also pay it in our local showroom.

We offer over thousand fabrics and hundred collections to choose from in our local showroom. 

Useful info:

Fused Suit vs. Half Canvas vs. Full Canvas

  •  Full Canvas Suits: The Canvas Interlining is typically made from horsehair (often blended with cotton) or synthetic material and, as the “Interlining” part suggests, a layer of this material is sandwiched between the cloth you see on the outside, and the lining you see on the inside. The purpose of the Canvas Interlining is to help give the suit jacket support for its shape. Canvas helps the jacket sit, hang and fit better on your body - what’s known as the “drape” - and allows the suit to ultimately achieve what it’s designed for: to accentuate the shape of the masculine physique.
  • Half Canvas Suits: Eventually, a compromise was developed: a half canvas suit. A half canvased suit uses a sewn in canvas piece in the chest and the lapel of the jacket, and is fused on the bottom part of the jacket. This allows you to have the canvas at the most important part of the suit, and keeps the price down by having less handwork.
  • Fused Suit: This is an interlining that is heat pressed (glued) to the wool of the suit. While it allowed for suits to be produced at a better price point, it also has a stiffness to the chest and if over dry-cleaned, can lead to bubbling in the chest area (this is caused when the wool separates from the fusing). It is also less durable over time and loses flexibility. Fusing is good if you want a price point suit and don’t plan on wearing it every day.